Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What the?? Ugh

I have to admit that despite my involvement in the green industry it has been a lot of years since I have mowed a lawn and quite a few years since I have actually had to maintain a landscape. But, with my new homeowner adventures I am getting that opportunity again (please tell me that you picked up on the sarcasm in that). Can I just tell you that this is a never ending process!! Yes, I know, live plants are a renewable material and will constantly grow. My degree in horticulture taught me that one, but still . . . can't it just take a break for a while?? I feel like that is all I am doing every night when I get home from work. Granted, it is spring and I have to get it all up and running so really soon enough all I will have to do is mow and weed. But still.

Actually though, on an exciting note I bought my first lawn mower last week. I'm kind of excited about it, but still the patio set for the same price seemed like a much better investment. But in the end, practicality prevailed and I bought the lawn mower. Couldn't quite get the manager to throw the new patio set in for free. But this new lawn mower has the coolest feature (sad I know that I think lawn mower features are cool, but give me a break, its the business that I am in). When you finish mowing the lawn there is a place to attach a hose to the mower and you let it run for a minute and it washes the deck of the mower so you never have to scrape the build up off. How cool is that?? Ok, for those of you who have never mowed a lawn you have no idea, but for anyone who has spent hours scraping the bottom of a mower to get built up grass clipping that smell awful off the deck of the mower you can understand just how totally awesome this is!


Brittany said...

um, how do you know mary and gerald gibb? cuz they're in my ward. very small world.

congrats on your lawn mower! i actually LOVE mowing the lawn - especially with a walking mower. i think it has something to do with instant gratification as i see my progress as i go.

happy spring!

jenn . dave . emma . davis said...

Hey Liz! I have had the pleasure of landscaping a lot lately as well. We rent a house with some pretty intense landscaping. Might not be as bad as starting from scratch, but it is enough for me.
We used to have a bulldog. Her name was Winnie and she was and old girl when we adopted her. She was great! Now we have a golden retriever named Jackson, who is young and a lot of fun! Gotta love dogs!