Saturday, April 19, 2008

My never ending quest

Since I started this blog early this year I have had several different layouts and backgrounds. It is all a part of my seemingly futile attempt to really create the perfect blog for me. There have been some minor changes and some really drastic ones. But I think that I am starting to get closer to finding the ideal look for me. Through a friends blog I was turned onto a website that has the greatest blog backgrounds without having their logo plastered all over them. It is And they really are very cute. So that was an exciting find. But here is my problem. I like several of them and obviously can only have one. So I have now used the one that I think is my favorite, but here are a couple of the runners up that may end up taking its place at some point.

Yes, all but one of them has and element of green in them. I just have to tell you than until a friend of mine pointed it out a few months ago I never realized my obsession with the color green and most definitely would not have named it as my favorite color, but it has become very apparent to me that it is. So if you are not a fan of the color sorry, apparently I am.

Paperbag Princess

Room for Vintage


Coconut Lime

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Brittany said...

wow liz. i don't visit your blog for a week and all of the sudden you have a million new posts! that's coo.

i told your cousin mary that i knew you. she didn't seem as thrilled as i thought she should've been. but regardless, the cat is out of the bag that we were roommates. :)