Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm becoming domesticated . . .

I work a lot . . . this is not new news. In fact in my single days I ate frozen meals for lunch and microwave popcorn for dinner a lot of the time because that is all that I had time for. Sad I know. Especially since I have always loved to cook. Not much of a baker, but I love cooking.

So this year for Christmas I put cook books on my wish list. I had gotten 3 as wedding/shower gifts, but I read them like novels so a few more would always be nice. Well I got my wish. My husband got me one, plus to cooking magazine subscriptions, my mother in law bought me one, and my wonderful mother got me four (one of which included a free year long magazine subscription). So if you did the math right you would see that I got six cook books, plus three subscriptions.

Don't know what you think, but that is a lot. Of course, I was excited about all of them. Granted I had to make more room on the counter for them and I will need to find another more permanant locaiton because they are taking up tons of my counter space.

So anyway . . . I have been reading away. There are so many new recipes and techniques that I want to try but finding time to cook and try new things during the week seems impossible. But I do find myself actually cooking pretty much everynight. But it makes me wonder what is happening to me. I am finally making a point to plan out meals and pick our recipies and actually follow it for the most part.
I am just starting to realize that I am putting in more effort at home and domestic issues than I have over the past, I don't know, ten years since I left home. Funny how being married has changed things.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Summertime already??

I know most of you find that blog title totally nuts, but let me explain.

So I do landscaping for a living right . . . more specifically I work with flower displays for a living. So let me explain to you what my January is like at work.

Revising my order and working on sales for all of our early Spring flowers, ie Pansies, Tulips, etc.

Diving head first into Summer flower display designs, sales, and ordering. I spend half of my day looking at flower photos, working up ideas, and focusing on our summer plans. I work with bright colors, light, and all things tropical.

My office is a gray cinderblock room with bright flower photos and other photos all over the walls (because gray does not drive creativity). So I spend my day looking at summer and then walk out into the frozen winter to go home.

So in reality, I have no idea what season it is. Does anyone else understand my confusion?