Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New Blog

So I really want to get back into posting regularly and so I decided to start a new blog that is more about my family than just about me and what I am doing . . . so this will be my last post here. You can find me now at

I am just getting started, forgot how long it takes to really get going on a blog and move things over. I promise there will be posts worth reading soon.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Update

More to follow with photos soon, but real quick here is what has happened since I last posted in March.

April . . . went to Boise for Ricky and Julie's Wedding, then they came to visit us on their way to Virginia for the summer

May . . . work was nuts with my summer install season and we found a house that we liked and contracted for it to be built for us. Plus . . . little brother Jacob moved in with us.

June . . . tried to catch up on our lives and work . . . no real sales options on our house so decided we may rent it out.

July . . . this was the crazy one . . . closed on a new house, moved, painted, found a tenant and leased the old one, Eric's family visited to help us move, Eric had a birthday . . . not sure what else . . . oh yeah bought lots of furniture and things for the new house.

Boy am I glad that August in here. Still have some more painting to do, waiting on some furniture deliveries, and who knows what else, but on an excited note, I am starting to work only 3 days a week so I get to have time to be a wife and still have some time on the weekends to spend with my husband.

Monday, March 15, 2010

For Sale

Yes it has been forever, I know, I've been busy. Work, life, being sick a lot, everything seems to keep me away from here.

Eric and I have been planning to put my house on the market for a little while now and on Wednesday night we met with the realtor to get the ball rolling. So this weekend we spent the whole weekend staging the house so that we could take some photos and hopefully help it sell faster. This was way more work than it sounds like it should have been.

When Eric moved in there was some added furniture that came with him along with a lot of clothes and stuff to store in the basement. At the same time we recieved all of our wedding gifts and many of them ended up in the basement as well waiting for the day that we would have a bigger house and could enjoy them. Well, we never really had the chance to organize it all and go through what we wanted to keep at the house and what we wanted to store in the storage unit that we have with all of Eric's furniture. So that is what we finally spent our weekend doing. Not exciting but definatly productive.

We took pictures yesterday . . . hope they help.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Voted!!

I live in Illinois. This is a fact. It is also a fact that 5 out of our last 7 governors are or have been in jail or are headed there. Yesterday another alderman plead guilty to corruption charges, he makes 28. Awesome aren't we. "Chicago politics" has become the namesake of corruption in this nation.
That being said today was our primary election. There has been a lot of talk about this election and how republicans could take over what has been staunchly democratic for some time.
Now those that know me and my politics know that while I am conservative I am not affiliated with either party. In fact I find the whole partisan system to be corrupt, but alas it is what it is. And today was a primary election so I had to decide which party to vote with. Being the conservative that I am I voted wtih the republicans.
Now the cute moment. So it is all senior citizens that run the polling places around here and the people ahead of me were voting democrat. When the lady went to hand me a republican ballot she said to me whispering "there has been a big republican turn out today, usually all democrat, but people are fed up with what is going on and excited to vote republican." I found it very cute that she would tell me, and even more cute that she felt the need to whisper, but also very exciting. Maybe some in Chicago and Illinois are finally deciding that they are tired of the pattern of corruption and ready to try for something better.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Cream for Breakfast :)

My wonderful husband is above all things a sugar addict. He loves all things sweet, especially syrup, cookies, and ice cream.

So on Friday night we were discussing what we wanted for breakfast the next morning. Saturdays we usually make something yummy for breakfast and take a break from our cold cereal ritual. We decided on crepes. I love crepes and had them for breakfast growing up and always enjoy them. Plus I had some frozed berries that I wanted to fill them with. Sounds yummy right?

After we decided on the crepes Eric mentioned putting vanilla ice cream in them as well. I kind of laughed it off thinking he was joking because really, who eats ice cream for breakfast?

Well Saturday morning came and we got up and started making breakfast. I made the crepes and Eric thawed the fruit and added a little sugar to make a sort of syrup out of the juice (always yummy). He got out the powdered sugar and I thought we were good to go. Next think I know the big bucket of vanilla ice cream was sitting on the table. I laughed and followed his lead and put some in my crepe.

It was fabulous! It was totally dessert for breakfast and I would totally do it again! I have discovered another perk to being married to Eric; I can have ice cream for breakfast ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm becoming domesticated . . .

I work a lot . . . this is not new news. In fact in my single days I ate frozen meals for lunch and microwave popcorn for dinner a lot of the time because that is all that I had time for. Sad I know. Especially since I have always loved to cook. Not much of a baker, but I love cooking.

So this year for Christmas I put cook books on my wish list. I had gotten 3 as wedding/shower gifts, but I read them like novels so a few more would always be nice. Well I got my wish. My husband got me one, plus to cooking magazine subscriptions, my mother in law bought me one, and my wonderful mother got me four (one of which included a free year long magazine subscription). So if you did the math right you would see that I got six cook books, plus three subscriptions.

Don't know what you think, but that is a lot. Of course, I was excited about all of them. Granted I had to make more room on the counter for them and I will need to find another more permanant locaiton because they are taking up tons of my counter space.

So anyway . . . I have been reading away. There are so many new recipes and techniques that I want to try but finding time to cook and try new things during the week seems impossible. But I do find myself actually cooking pretty much everynight. But it makes me wonder what is happening to me. I am finally making a point to plan out meals and pick our recipies and actually follow it for the most part.
I am just starting to realize that I am putting in more effort at home and domestic issues than I have over the past, I don't know, ten years since I left home. Funny how being married has changed things.