Monday, August 2, 2010

Quick Update

More to follow with photos soon, but real quick here is what has happened since I last posted in March.

April . . . went to Boise for Ricky and Julie's Wedding, then they came to visit us on their way to Virginia for the summer

May . . . work was nuts with my summer install season and we found a house that we liked and contracted for it to be built for us. Plus . . . little brother Jacob moved in with us.

June . . . tried to catch up on our lives and work . . . no real sales options on our house so decided we may rent it out.

July . . . this was the crazy one . . . closed on a new house, moved, painted, found a tenant and leased the old one, Eric's family visited to help us move, Eric had a birthday . . . not sure what else . . . oh yeah bought lots of furniture and things for the new house.

Boy am I glad that August in here. Still have some more painting to do, waiting on some furniture deliveries, and who knows what else, but on an excited note, I am starting to work only 3 days a week so I get to have time to be a wife and still have some time on the weekends to spend with my husband.

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Andrea said...

Glad to read you are well.