Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh the joy of taxes!

Usually I am the person who does their taxes in February the second I get all of my forms, but this year I put it off. I just completed them with less than 30 hours to spare. I know that sounds like a good amount of time, but it is really cutting it close for me. I guess that I put if off cause I was a little scared of it. Last year the company that I worked for had my deductions wrong so I ended up owing around two grand so this year I was a little afraid. Granted I fixed the problem, but still. I was excited to discover that I only owed a total of $35 this year. Not to shabby since my goal is to simply to break even. I would rather have the money through the year rather than get a huge tax return. I am excited for next year when I can start deducting mortgage interest. Then I may actually get a return again.

In any case I used a different tax software this year and I liked it a lot better than the one I have used the last two years. Yes, I do require the assistance of software because the tax forms confuse me and I just can't seem to do it. The last couple years I have used turbo tax online which costs about $80 to efile and took about two hours to do. This year I used H&R Block online which only cost $35 and was done in 45 minutes. Not bad, I think. So anyone out there, I kinda recommend the latter. Just my little experience, thats all.

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