Thursday, April 17, 2008

New Realization

I learned something new today. And it wasn't something that I wanted to know, and in fact I think that I was a happier person not knowing it. I learned that Canadian Geese (which are very prevalent in this area) are a federally protected species and you can't do anything about them at all. They can set up their nests and lay their eggs anywhere they want, even in your yard and you can't move them or destroy the eggs.

Now for the reason that this bothers me, they are worse than rats around here. They walk across the road and stop traffic, they poop everywhere, and they attack people. Why would these be protected? It isn't like their is any shortage of them in the world, and if there is we have more than enough to share. Let's waste our federal dollars protecting something that is actually worth protecting! Not on pests!

Oddly enough around here there is someone who likes this things enough to actually call the police on some of my guys who moved some eggs in order to plant where they needed to. I was shocked! Not to mention I had no idea that they were protected. But my real question is who loves these things enough to want more of them around? Come on people, don't we all have better things to worry about?

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