Sunday, March 16, 2008

Proud Momma

Yesterday I was downtown for the annual St. Patrick's Day parade and the traditional dying of the Chicago River a nice bright green. While we were standing on the State Street bridge tying not to freeze and waiting for the river to turn my favorite shade of green we came upon a lady with her bulldog. And where my dog Cletus is a bulldog I always have to play with other people's bulldogs. This one was really old and I was talking to the owner about bulldogs for a while cause she is looking for a new one cause hers doesn't have a lot of time left. But as we were discussing them, people kept coming up and petting her dog and telling her how cute she was and all that I could help thinking is that Cletus is so much cuter! Her bulldog actually had a few features that disqualify her from being registered in the breed. I actually showed her pictures on my phone of Cletus and she loved his color . . . really he is just a beautiful dog. Anyway, we walked away and I mentioned to my friend "Cletus is way cuter!" and of course she agreed. So I had this proud momma moment where I got to think "my baby is way cuter than your baby!"

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