Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I'm losing it!

Alright, I know that this seems to be a recurring theme, but this whole winter thing is killing me. A ton of work to do because of the snow which means that I am not getting the sleep I need to and when I do get the chance to sleep it never seems to be enough. And on top of that I work for a company that is growing at an almost ridiculous fast rate. Which means more work for me to do and more traveling. I am spending all my time preparing and presenting presentations for clients and don't have the time to come back and get the work set up. I am selling a ton, now the real trick is going to be if I can manage to actually pull it all off. I'm sure I will, that is the kind of person I am and really the kind of company that I work for. But still, it seems almost ridiculous. Sadly enough, it seems like work is all I do, mostly because right now, it really is all that I do. I NEED A BREAK! I know that I am going to be getting one when I go home for Easter, but that really just can't come soon enough.

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