Saturday, February 16, 2008

Plant by Number

So I spend a lot of my time in my career designing custom container plantings. People ask me every day where they can find container ideas that will tell them what plants to use and where to place them and everything that they need. There are a couple of options, but one that I have found that I really like is This site was created by the folks at Ball Seed (which if you don't know is one of the largest seed producers and distributors in the world). They use this as a tool to market their product to the home gardener. Even as a professional I check it out from time to time just to be reminded how different plants interact with each other. I will admit that there is plant material that they suggest that I wouldn't use. That being said keep in mind that I am focused on the commercial setting. I need tough and hardy plant material that doesn't need any special attention to thrive. Most home gardeners can give special attention to their container gardens so this is not the same kind of an issue for them. I'm not one of them, by them time I get home from dealing with everyone else's flowers all day I really have no energy to give any special attention to mine, but I still manage nice flower displays most years. I just end up using the tough stuff.

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