Friday, February 22, 2008

Ok, I am officially a magnet for people who don't look both ways before pulling out of a parking lot or something like that. Granted I drive more than most people because of my job, but this is getting ridiculous! Once again I was driving today, and some kid in his volvo pulled out right in front of me. It was like deja vu all over again. I had two choices because I didn't have time to stop; I could t-bone the other car and risk serious injury or swerve and try to miss him and potentially run off the road. I chose option two, still hit the other car, but not too bad and did end up totally off the road. And once again I was in my work truck. So my truck is now officially out of commission and in the mean time I am driving a new ford edge. I kinda like it, it's much smaller and lower to the ground than I am used to, but so far . . . I like it. Granted, I really don't like having to get into an accident to get to try out a new car.

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Brittany said...

wow! you are a magnet! maybe you can add this accident to your already on going case. welcome to the blogging world!