Saturday, November 1, 2008

Excited To Go Home

Time moves much faster than I would like, but this week I realized that I am going home to see my family next week. This trip home will be full of firsts for me. I haven't been home since March, which doesn't seem that long ago, but with all of the changes in my family it seems like forever ago. When I went home in March it was to meet my five new brothers and sisters.

On this trip home I will be seeing my parents new house for the first time. For the first time since I left home almost 9 years ago I will be going home not to the house I know, but to a new one which will be a different experi
ence all together. I still have mixed feelings about it, but oh well . . . it will be different.

I will be meeting my newest little brother Jack
who was born in August. I have heard him cry over the phone plenty of times, but it will be fun to finally get to meet him and hold him. I am also excited to see the little kids. I miss them too. Sorry . . . wish I could post a picture but we still can't.

I will be meeting my first nephew for the first time. He was born two weeks ago and I will be getting to hold him while his mom and dad are in the temple for Ali's wedding.

I will be meeting Jenn and Tyson's new dog Oscar. Being a dog person my self I am quite excited about that. I only wish that I could bring Cletus along to meet his cousin.

And lastly I will be meeting Chaz . . . Ali's almost husband. I have been away from home for a long time and never met him when he and Ali dated in high school, etc. The family approves of him so I will trust their good opinion. The reason for the trip is Ali's wedding so it will be fun to be there.

In any case it will be a lot of firsts for me
on this trip and I will be meeting a lot of additions to my family. We'll hope that it isn't too crazy and busy that I don't get to enjoy it.


Andrea said...

I'm somewhat confused. Did your parents have another baby in addition to adopting?

Liz said...

No, this was the last one that they are adopting. He is the littlest brother of the other kids.

Burtonfamily said...

Have your parents adopted kids since I've seen you? How many little ones are there? Have fun on your trip!

Liz said...

My parents are in the process of adopting a total of six little brothers and sisters. The oldest is 6 and the youngest just a couple months.

Burtonfamily said...

That is so crazy!