Monday, March 15, 2010

For Sale

Yes it has been forever, I know, I've been busy. Work, life, being sick a lot, everything seems to keep me away from here.

Eric and I have been planning to put my house on the market for a little while now and on Wednesday night we met with the realtor to get the ball rolling. So this weekend we spent the whole weekend staging the house so that we could take some photos and hopefully help it sell faster. This was way more work than it sounds like it should have been.

When Eric moved in there was some added furniture that came with him along with a lot of clothes and stuff to store in the basement. At the same time we recieved all of our wedding gifts and many of them ended up in the basement as well waiting for the day that we would have a bigger house and could enjoy them. Well, we never really had the chance to organize it all and go through what we wanted to keep at the house and what we wanted to store in the storage unit that we have with all of Eric's furniture. So that is what we finally spent our weekend doing. Not exciting but definatly productive.

We took pictures yesterday . . . hope they help.


misskate said...

It's a super cute place :) I love the wall fan. Good luck!!

Dani said...

I love your house so much! sad that you're selling it.

kimi + joe said...

I bet your home is so well landscaped, Roel would appreciate it. You should get him to buy it. I'm sure he's in the market for a new investment.

It's not clear to me where you're moving...

In any case, good luck!