Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hair yesterday . . . gone today!

I started growing out my hair when I finished college and moved to Illinois four years ago. Partially to prove that I could survive having long hair and to appease a few people that had wanted me to finally let it grow out. Anyone who has known me longer than the last four years knows that I am by nature a short hair kind of gal so this was actually quite out of character for me.

Part of my justification for growing it out was that I would make sure that I would grow it long enough that it wou
ld be enough to donate to Locks of Love when I finally cut it off. About a year ago it was long enough (the minimum 10" requirement), but I decided to let it keep growing.

The last couple months I have been dying to cut it all off so finally today I did. My friend Lori who cuts my hair cut off this 16" braid for me to send in.

I am really loving having my hair short again. But I feel that it may come as a sho
ck to the folks here who don't know the me that always had her hair short. But really . . . who cares . . . I love it this way!


Jenn Hansen said...

So where is the picture of the new hairstyle?

Brittany said...

yeah liz. you can't say you cut all your hair off and not post a before and after picture. i'm really curious...even if i always picture you with short hair. honestly, i always do a double take when i see you with long hair.

The Young's said...

Hey its Nicki (Worthen) Young. You can't just say you chopped off a 16" braid from your hair...and not show a picture of your "new" look!

Cristall said...

Hey! I want to see the "after" pic of you! I love your short hair by the way.

Jim & Amy said...

Liz - I love how you can't stand long hair. That's cool that you did the hair donation thing....but that chopped off braid looks like a snake!