Monday, February 1, 2010

Ice Cream for Breakfast :)

My wonderful husband is above all things a sugar addict. He loves all things sweet, especially syrup, cookies, and ice cream.

So on Friday night we were discussing what we wanted for breakfast the next morning. Saturdays we usually make something yummy for breakfast and take a break from our cold cereal ritual. We decided on crepes. I love crepes and had them for breakfast growing up and always enjoy them. Plus I had some frozed berries that I wanted to fill them with. Sounds yummy right?

After we decided on the crepes Eric mentioned putting vanilla ice cream in them as well. I kind of laughed it off thinking he was joking because really, who eats ice cream for breakfast?

Well Saturday morning came and we got up and started making breakfast. I made the crepes and Eric thawed the fruit and added a little sugar to make a sort of syrup out of the juice (always yummy). He got out the powdered sugar and I thought we were good to go. Next think I know the big bucket of vanilla ice cream was sitting on the table. I laughed and followed his lead and put some in my crepe.

It was fabulous! It was totally dessert for breakfast and I would totally do it again! I have discovered another perk to being married to Eric; I can have ice cream for breakfast ;)


kimi + joe said...

Our husbands must be related. Joe has a mile-wide sugar tooth and sometimes it's hard keeping up.

Dani said...

mmmmmmm. sounds amazing. I did that a few times in Helaman Halls, but with soft serve on waffles. So good.

Rebekah said...

Way to give a pregnant girl a craving! ;) I think I'll do that, too. I haven't ha ice cream in months!

Jenn Hansen said...

Haha! You first sentence made me think of Buddy the Elf. Now Eric will forever be Buddy the Elf to me.

Kim said...

Mmmmm that would be good. My bro-in-law likes chocolate pudding and cool whip on his crepes!

kenpochick said...

Hahaha Liz that is awesome, I love getting to read your blog & seeing how happy you are!!