Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Am I the strange one?

I love college football. This is not new news to those who know me well. I look forward to the fall season and weekends full of great games to watch. I have two favorite teams that I cheer for, but am a fan of the game in general so enjoy any good match up.

When Eric and I started dating I was excited to discover that he was a fan as well. I had tried to date guys in the past who weren't sports fans and it just didn't work out. Kind of one of those deal breakers for me I guess. As shallow as that may seem.

Anyway . . . all of the sudden I am trying to decide if my obsession is strange. I find that mine and Eric's dinner table conversations have a tendency to be about football, especially on the weekends! We do spend our weekends checking in on games, scores in general, and watching what we can and then talking about it with folks at church. We even scheduled things right on our honeymoon so that we wouldn't miss the Boise State game that Thursday night. Now I didn't really think about this being strange until yesterday morning when Eric and I were talking on the phone. I found a need to update him on the new BCS rankings and of course complain about how ridiculous I think they are.

I realize that it is good for couples to have things in common, but I am starting to wonder if maybe I am too interested in college football. What wife does this? Shouldn't I be the one complaining that my husband watches too much football? (Not that he does because I watch more than he does, I think) Not normal I think. I know i'm not your typical girl, never have been. But does this one make me a little too strange?


misskate said...

Nope.. it just makes you you! :)

Rebekah said...

I tried to date men in the past who had no musical ability, were tone deaf, and had two left feet- not a good thing for what makes me who I am. Lars played several instruments, danced, and all his favorite movie quotes were mine as well. Our weirdnesses matched. It's that way with you and your hubby, too. I think it's wonderful!

Perplexio said...

The year before I started college, my alma mater won the NCAA Division III National Championship. Division III isn't as exciting as Division I or Division II of course. But as far as Divsion III teams go, Albion, had a very solid team. The homecoming games were usually blow-outs (iirc my freshman and sophomore years the scores were 37-0 and 56-0). Being in Michigan at the time I was equidistant from East Lansing and Ann Arbor so I never really developed an allegiance to either the Spartans or Wolverines (and despite the best efforts of some Ohioan friends of mine when I was working at Cedar Point I didn't become a Buckeyes fan either). I do follow football now, but not really college. So now I'm a suffering Cleveland Browns fan (2-12 thus far this season).