Monday, July 6, 2009

On the road again . . . please no!!

So I realize that it has been just about forever since I have updated this and I have done a lot of things and been a lot of places so I will try to give you a quick run down of what I have been up to.

First, had a crazy Spring season with work . . . this year seemed much harder than pervious years and I was all over traveling and not sleeping and just working way too much! But all seems to have turned out well and time for me to start getting ready for the fall and winter seasons.

I went on an AWESOME road trip with my girls Molly and Tia to Gulf Shores, Alamaba. We had a condo accross the street from the beach and spent a week in the sun relaxing, not thinking about work, catching up on sleep, and just enjoying hanging out as friends cause we don't seem to get a lot of time for that anymore. We made a stop by Graceland on the way home so I can officially cross that one off my bucket list! It was fun!

Got home from Alabama just in time to head to Idaho the next weekend. Eric came with me, he was brave to agree to this trip. It was quite the trip. I went to the temple for myself and it was wonderful to have my parents, and four of my siblings, three brothers in law and Eric there with me. An hour later my six little brothers and sisters were sealed to my parents which was a very special experience for our family to all be in the temple together. We then packed up and headed up to Donnelly where we had a cabin on the lake for the long weekend. The weather didn't cooperate but I think we all still enjoyed just hanging out together for a few day. I miss my family so it is always fun to go see them. And it was really special to bring Eric with me and have him be a part of all that.

This past weekend we headed out to Nebraska to visit Eric's parent for the 4th of July. They live in Nebraska's official "4th of July City" so it just seemed appropriate for us to visit :) We had a good time and got home late last night.

Now I am back to work for my first full work week in almost a month and just looking forward to staying home this weekend and enjoying time with Cletus and Eric.


Christa Jeanne said...

So, I just emailed you... and then I read this. LoL, that answers that! Congrats on going through the temple. Amazing, isn't it? Sounds like you've been having plenty of fun travel lately - glad to hear it!

Rebekah said...

How wonderful to be able to be sealed in the temple together! And who is this Eric? I'm so out of the loop!

Liz said...

Sorry, Eric is the guy I have been dating for about the last 5 months.

Andrea said...

I had the same question as your friend Rebekah did so thanks for answering it.

I do have a plant question. A few months ago one of your many posts involving plants had the same light green leafy plant that grows in our bed. One day it's fine and the next morning all the leaves are gone. This has happened more than once. What the heck is going on.