Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Just Doesn't Make Sense

I have always known that I was just strange, but once again I have proof.

Most of you experienced the dreaded springing forward of daylight savings time this past weekend. It always makes for a rough weekend and it is everything I can do to remember to change the clocks and make sure I get to church on time on the following Sunday. (Thank goodness for cell phones that change automatically)

Anyway, this year, it wasn't bad at all. I was up on Sunday morning, a little later than usual, but that is to be expected when a whole hour of my night just disappears. Still, I had a Sunday morning meeting and had no problem making it to that on time. I was up late Sunday night, but still had no problems getting up on Monday morning, got to work a few minutes early and had a pretty decent Monday.

But this daylight savings thing finally caught up to me this morning. I totally slept in past my alarm. I was almost an hour late to work, and I have been dragging and trying to catch up all day.

With any luck my postponed "daylight savings drag day" will end soon and things will be back to normal tomorrow.

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